The Grievance Collectors: A Sip of Death

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Read October 29, 2015
The author provided me with a physical copy of the book in return for an honest review.

I will admit it did take me some time to get into this book fully. Written in alternating first and third person point of view, and for me personally, being in the mind of every main character is slightly distracting and takes away a bit of the mystery. However, that’s just my personal preference, and my only negative comment about The Grievance Collectors: A Sip of Death.

It did take me back to my university years, giving me a glimpse into the underbelly of university politics. Being a student, you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, and now I do! The plot is highly original, most characters well fleshed out, and it read smoothly. Some minor editing problems, but I was able to overlook it with the amazing plot. Even with my comment above, there were enough twists to keep me engaged, hitting on major subjects within the university scene—murder, male dominance, sexual harassment, cutthroat tactics, conspiracy, and so much more.

Overall a fantastic debut to a series and will be recommending it. Definitely looking forward to Karla M. Hall’s next book; keeping an eye out for it!

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