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Note: since reading this book, I have gone between a 2 and 3 star rating, settling on 2.5.

Read March 23, 2016
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I have mixed feelings about this book. A promise of a subject I enjoy studying – serial killers – yet, it wasn’t even close. It had a few first time author issues, which I could mostly ignore. However, there were just some things which couldn’t be.

Cyrus is unhappy with his life, his wife and son being the only ray of light. It’s apparent from the beginning he has anger issues, and while going over his finances decides he needs the comfort of alcohol. He then kills a man because he looked and spoke to him the wrong way – I wouldn’t say it was accidental. Going forward, suspension of disbelief is a must.

There is very little background to say anything in his history would lead him to killing, except for one incident when he was a child. It’s simply explained he got a taste, and then a craving, once he did it for the first time. He is definitely not a sociopath or psychopath – even though the author attempts to turn him into one as the story advances – and there isn’t a single mental illness I can think of that would have him wake up at the age of forty-two and think “hmm, I like killing”. He isn’t a serial but a spree killer. Had the author did his research, he would have known the difference. Written to think he is smart, the supporting characters are dumbed down to make him seem clever. For someone who doesn’t want to be caught, how he proceeds to feed his addiction would lead to exactly that in the real world. How Cyrus came to be who he was, in my opinion, was poorly executed. With the cliffhanger ending, I’m assuming there’s another book in the works. However, I needed a bit more than an ‘addiction’ as to why he killed. It wasn’t provided.

There was more telling than showing, description and back story was very limited, and the supporting characters were one-dimensional. I neither liked nor hated any of them; I simply couldn’t relate to them. I have to give credit to the author for the originality of the plot, though it was missing that element of suspense and plausibility. I pushed on hoping there was more to the story than his lack luster killing scenes and how he thought he was untouchable.

As mentioned before, there wasn’t enough of a connection and I will not be continuing on with this series.

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