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A question which has come up a lot lately is why will I be donating all royalties from Behind the Mask to charity. Surely I would want to keep some of it for myself? The answer when I first published back in August 2015, and is still true today, is a resounding no. Here’s why.

In a previous essay “The Birth of Behind the Mask”, I explained how it was never meant to be a book. It was a self-imposed therapy exercise to help deal with a part of self which wasn’t entirely clear to me, and admittedly, a little disturbing. I endured a lot as a child and never spoke of it unless in a court setting. Many decades later, I needed an outlet for the darker part of myself. Looking back, it was more cathartic than a therapy session where they try to get you to speak of the unspeakable. It worked, and I’m continuing with this newly acquired tool.

Now with that being said, ask yourself this question: would you feel comfortable profiting off something so atrocious? My answer, again, is no. The intention was never meant to make money off of my past, try to turn it into something positive in that way. No matter how much money I could make from sales, it will not change nor better my situation. It will not justify the actions inflicted upon me. However, there’s something that can.

Bringing light to the subject of child abuse, the pedophile rings, the things a lot of people would rather close their eyes to, will. What a survivor may go through after all is said and done, will as well. Even though I don’t say precisely which part of the book is my story—which I think is unnecessary, and another question often asked—I know a lot of people who can and will relate to it. They will know there is someone else out there with the same thoughts, fears, and daily battles. Someone out there who truly understands! That, to me, is a reward in itself. Additionally, if I can make the slightest difference by donating the royalties to charities who specialize in child abuse prevention and mental health, knowing I can’t stop it single-handedly, being there as an advocate is the goal I have set.

So there you have it, question answered. Now here is where I boldly ask you to become involved. My novel is now listed at $3.99 USD for the e-book, $14.99 for the hardcopy. Are you willing to give up a day’s / week’s worth of [insert your preferred indulgence here] to support a good cause? This subject may not have personally affected you, but I can guarantee there is someone you know that has been. Can I count on your support? To also pass this along to others?

You can purchase either format HERE.

I will also ask that you please leave an honest review. The more reviews, the more visibility my book has. As well, I would be willing to give a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review for those who cannot afford purchasing it. Both will help, and you just need to let me know.

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts regarding this post.

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