Isabella is the type of woman you want on your side.

Isabella Porter, a forensic psychiatrist working with the Newark, NJ, police department, believes that scars have stories to tell. Faced with two cases suspiciously echoing her own horrific past, she’s finding it hard to accept that the stories their scars are telling are a mere coincidence and fears that her past has caught up with her.

When Isabella examines the first crime scene in a patch of wetlands known as the Meadowlands, she finds three dead girls, and the voices in the back of her mind begin to whisper. When she meets Ember, an eleven-year-old girl who’s been abused at the hands of the men in her immediate family, the voices are now screaming.

Isabella’s unique physical scars match hers, and Ember’s eyes mirror Isabella’s sordid past. Could the man whom Isabella believed she escaped more than two decades ago have resurfaced and perpetrated these heinous crimes? But Isabella is no longer that vulnerable fourteen-year-old girl—that girl is gone. She’s now a force to be reckoned with, and she won’t be anyone’s victim.




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Masks dissolve, scars fade, and shadows recede. Can Isabella face her past and, most importantly, herself?

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Isabella Porter must make the ultimate decision: give up the information she started collecting at the age of fourteen to once and for all bring down a pedophile ring known as the Brotherhood or maintain the secret of just how closely tied she is to the organization.

Five months have passed since the group’s leader, Michael, was killed, and children are still going missing—Isabella just needs to prove who’s behind it and get the Newark Police Department to listen to her. On top of that, her once-closest ally, Marcus Hudson, a former police lieutenant, has once again vanished. With a new case assigned—an eight-year-old boy named Aedan, whose mother was brutally killed—Isabella finds herself in unfamiliar territory after immediately recognizing something in his eyes that links him to the Brotherhood.

With the help of Special Agent Wes Richford and Medical Examiner Melanie Scott, Isabella is forced not only to finally accept her own past but also maneuver the obstacles—bureaucratic and otherwise—set within her path to bring the perpetrators to justice. Can she find it in herself to finally let go, to truly trust the people in her life? Once things are set in motion, she might no longer have that choice.


***Currently unavailable***