Midnight Sun

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Read September 25, 2015
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As I mentioned before, I mainly read thriller/suspense/mysteries, expecting three things within the pages: true to life scenarios―with some suspension of disbelief expected―unanticipated twists and turns, and finally, a plot that challenges my mind as I read. Charlotte Raine’s Midnight Sun, unfortunately, did not accomplish this.

Written in first person, almost every character had at least one chapter in their point of view. The idea of a mystery/suspense is to try and figure out who did it, who’s the one actually behind the crime(s) committed. I do not want to be spoon-fed the information, be within everyone’s head, with the only mystery being the end (and even at that, it ends with a cliffhanger).

This book has a strong, basic plot, is fast paced, and edited well. The characters are not entirely believable; an alcoholic with no backbone who suddenly and quickly transforms, and the ‘meth heads’ that spoke too well for who they were. The police/FBI agent were so oblivious, they could have tripped over the blatant evidence lying before them.

So to surmise, the story had a good premise, no unforeseen suspenseful twists, and you have to read the next books in the trilogy to complete the story. I will probably read the second just to see where it leads.

***I have decided, going forward, not to continue with a series if the first book doesn’t capture me.***

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