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With the first anniversary of The Awakening coming up, I decided some changes needed to be made.

Don’t get me wrong; I will always love my original cover. It was what completed the journey to publishing my first novel. What I saw when I first held my book within my hands. It will always be the first. But that being said, sometimes things need to change to be given new life – whether within ourselves, or in this case, a book.

So here is my new cover. I feel it fits the tone of the story within the pages. It includes the bridge I walked across when I was writing the original manuscript in New Jersey, Brooklyn being a big part of the story. I hope that it not only reminds me of my time there, but is pleasing to you as well. I have also updated a few things in the novel to correct some errors that were missed the first time around. Got to love plot holes! For now I’m only updating the e-book. At a later date, I will update the paperback as well and will let you guys know when that is completed. I suppose I will have to reconsider the cover for Revelations so they match…is my OCD showing through?

Until next time, happy reading! 🙂

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