I love to support my fellow authors, especially indies. The best way to say “Thank You” is to write a review, even if it’s a simple “I liked it!” For myself, I always post on Amazon and Goodreads, and now here. My reviews are always honest and straightforward – as I would expect for my own work. I’m in no way an expert reviewer, however, I know what I like and expect in a book.

To start, I will be allowing comments. If I find backlash because of my opinion, I will remove the option.

You will find them categorized by genre. Once things start slowing down, I will accept requests for reviews from authors.

Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, & Horror


Admittedly, you will initially find more here as it’s the genre I write and gravitate towards. Nevertheless, I’m expanding my reading scope!

Little Girl Revenge

Silenced Justice

Junior Inquisitor


I used to avoid this genre, at all cost, especially after trying to read Fifty Shades of Gray – couldn’t finish and the movie can’t be unseen. But there’s something I learned after that experience: there are some really well written romance novels out there.




Paranormal, Sci-fy, & Dystopian

If I can watch movies and TV series in the genre, I should be able to read the books too. As long as we’re not talking about sparkly vampires, all will be well!

Shadow of a Human

Young Adult

Hey, they’re not just for the young! I’ve explored this genre more since reading my first.

Saving the Last Dragon

Artistic, Philosophical, & Uncategorized

A collection of books I’ve read that doesn’t exactly fit in any other genre.

True Crime

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction…


Anything and everything non-fiction.