All The Games

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Read July 10, 2016
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As usual, once I began reading All the Games, I knew it was a book I wouldn’t soon be putting down. And I didn’t until I read the last page. The author continues to convince me that there’s something in romance for everyone—even someone like me.

Lo-arna Green has this amazing ability to interweave every emotion possible, darkness and light, into every one of her novels. As I mentioned before, they all could stand on their own, but I do recommend you start with All the Colours. You will find yourself immediately drawn in, her prose will keep its stronghold, the pages almost turning on its own. You will become invested in her well developed characters, and hoping to learn more about the ones that are slightly in the background. And that’s when you will learn your wishes are coming true—in the next of the series

I just noticed All the Scars is listed, and knowing the route and subject matter, it will be the one that will hit a little too close to home. But I will be first in line to get it when it becomes available.

Thank you, Lo-arna, for continuing to open an entire genre to me.

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