All the Darkness

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Read February 16, 2016
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As much as I love All the Colours, All the Darkness resounded with me so much more for personal reasons.

Beautifully written; it was clear, crisp, and well constructed. Written in first person point of view, Nate and Edie, and Lo-arna Green masterfully knits their journeys—together and apart—interweaving supporting characters, and skillfully merging enough backstory and foreshadow. Expect to be thrust upon a roller coaster of emotions. Though I highly recommend reading All the Colours, this book can stand on its own, making it unnecessary to read book one to understand the story.

I’m not one to synopsize a book, but know this: sometimes we must endure the darkness to finally live within the light. Lo-arna Green definitely has shown how it can be done. Keep it up; you are definitely changing my views on reading romance novels.

I look forward to reading All the Games.

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